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Welcome to Monticello Chiropractic, PLLC of Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Norma Esparza has been serving the community with affordable and safe quality chiropractic care since 1994. State licensed, the doctor has a family practice. " I offer safe non-invasive treatment for people from all walks of life and just about all ages...from cheerleaders to firefighters, from police officers to college professors."

"Because my patients are busy people, I strive to keep the wait time in my office from zero to 10 minutes from your scheduled appointment time. I treat all of my patients like VIPS. I do this out of the mutual respect between patient and doctor. I don't accept just anyone that walks into my office as a patient. Some cases may need a special referral to another health care provider. "

"I also recognize that injuries and pain don't occur just between 8 and 5 during the day. Therefore, once you become a patient at this practice, I will be readily accessible to your health care needs by answering your phone call as soon as possible, offering extended hours and 'preferred scheduling' during the week as well."

For more information call me today for an appointment at (817) 336-9355 if you would like to hire me as your personal health care provider.

Dr. Norma Esparza
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